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Professor Dany Nobus

Professor Dany Nobus
Professor - Psychology

Research area(s)

  • Psychoanalysis
  • History of psychiatry
  • Epistemology

Research Interests

As a professionally trained psychoanalytic psychotherapist, my research has always focused on the history, theory and practice of psychoanalysis, especially within the Lacanian tradition. I am particularly interested in clinical and technical issues, yet I also do research on the epistemology of psychoanalysis and the applications of psychoanalytic ideas to socio-cultural issues, in particular conceptions of non-normative sexuality. In addition, I am interested in the history of psychiatric discourses, particularly with regard to the diagnosis and assessment of mental disorders.

Research grants and projects

Project details

I am currently at work on a book-length study provisionally entitled Deathbound Sexuality, which fundamentally challenges the idea that sexuality is a life-driven force in the service of the reproduction of the species.


I have recently completed a substantial study of the epistemological status of the object in Lacanian psychoanalysis, to be published in Continental Philosophy Review.

I have also completed a philosophical investigation of the significance of the acts of invitation and acceptance for the establishment of hospitality, with reference to Kant’s essay on Perpetual Peace and Klossowski’s trilogy on the laws of hospitality.