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Dr David Broadbent is a lecturer in Sport Psychology in the Division of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences at Brunel University and is part of the LEAP Lab research team from the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience

David joined Brunel University London in 2015 following the completion of his PhD at Liverpool John Moores University. The focus of David's PhD was on the effect of different practice conditions for the training of perceptual-cognitive skills in sport through the use of video simulations. Whilst completing his PhD David worked for three years part-time at Everton Football Club in the Recruitment and Scouting Department and then as a 1st Team Performance Analyst.

Newest selected publications

Williams, AM., Fawver, B., Broadbent, D., Murphy, C. and Ward, P. (2019) 'Skilled Anticipation in Sport: Past, Present, and Future', in Ward, P., Schraagen, JM., Gore, J. and Roth, E. (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Expertise. Oxford University Press, USA. pp. 594 - 617. ISBN 10: 0198795874.

Book chapter

Gredin, NV., Broadbent, DP., Williams, AM. and Bishop, DT. (2019) 'Judgement utility modulates the use of explicit contextual priors and visual information during anticipation'. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 45. pp. 101578 - 101578. ISSN: 1469-0292 Open Access Link

Journal article

Williams, AM., Murphy, C., Broadbent, D. and Janelle, C. (Accepted) 'Anticipation in Sport', in Horn, T. and Smith, A. (eds.) Advances in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Human Kinetics.

Book chapter

Broadbent, D., Causer, J., Ford, P. and Williams, AM. (Accepted) 'Training perceptual-cognitive expertise: how should practice be structured?', in Williams, AM. and Jackson, R. (eds.) Anticipation and Decision Making in Sport. Routledge.

Book chapter

Alder, DB., Broadbent, DP., Stead, J. and Poolton, J. (2019) 'The impact of physiological load on anticipation skills in badminton: From testing to training'. Journal of Sports Sciences, 37 (16). pp. 1 - 9. ISSN: 0264-0414 Open Access Link

Journal article
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