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Dr David Rees
Honorary Senior Lecturer - Brunel Design School


David Rees is an Engineering educator, author and researcher. He is a Senior Lecturer at Brunel University London in Engineering Design, specialising in Mechanics and Manufacture for Design.


Education and Appointments: Engineering Apprentice, 1963-68, Engineering Designer, 1968-69, Black & Decker Ltd; Postgraduate Student, 1969-70, Experimental Officer, 1970-71, Imperial College, London; Research Assistant, 1971-72, Lecturer, 1972-77, Kingston University; Lecturer, Trinity College, Dublin, 1977-84; Lecturer, Surrey University, 1984-85, Lecturer, 1985-95, Senior Lecturer, 1995-2006, Brunel University London; Visiting Fellow, Joint Research Centre, Petten, 1982; National Physical Laboratory, 1983, 1985; Regional Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine, London 2007.

Brief list of Publications

Books: ‘The Mechanics of Solids and Structures’, McGraw-Hill, 1990; ‘Basic Solid Mechanics’, Macmillan, 1997, ‘Mechanics of Solids & Structures’, I C Press (World Scientific), 2000, ‘Basic Engineering Plasticity’, Elsevier 2006. Minimum Weight Structures, Wiley 2009.

Recent articles: ‘Factors influencing the forming limit diagram of automotive sheet steel’, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2001; ‘A bi-axial pole strain measuring device’, Measurement Science and Technology, 2001. Nutting creep in mono-and bi-layer polymers’, Plastics, Rubbers and Composites, 2002; ‘Anisotropy in thin canning sheet metals’, Journal of Physics IV, France, 2003; ‘Autofrettage of thick-walled pipe bends’ Int Jl of Mech Sci 2004, ‘Simulation of advanced sheet metals under stretch forming’, Detroit 2006; Errors in r-value when based upon total strain measurements’ and ‘Forming properties of four high strength sheet steels, Jl of Engineering Manufacture, 2006; ‘Descriptions of reversed yielding in bending, Jl of Mech Eng Sci, 2007.


David Rees has taught mechanics at all levels to undergraduate and postgraduate students at home and abroad for more than 35 years. Also, during that period the mechanics of solids, structures and instrumentation has featured in a variety of themes published among an archive of more than a hundred papers.


  • National Diploma Prize, 1968
  • MSc/DIC, Imperial College, 1970
  • PhD, Kingston University, 1976
  • Honorary MA, Trinity College, Dublin, 1981
  • DSc, Brunel University London, 2004
  • Best Paper, Fylde Prize, “Strain”, 1993
  • Best Paper, CEGB Prize “Journal of Strain Analysis”, 1998


  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1971-;
  • Council of Engineering Institutions 1972-;
  • Royal Society of Medicine, 2007-,

Editorial Boards

  • International Journal of Plasticity, 1985-91;
  • Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design, 1994-1996.

Other Biographies

  • Dictionary of International Biography, 1995
  • Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, 2006
  • Who’s Who in the World, 2007
  • Who’s Who in America 2009
  • Cambridge Blue Book, 2005
  • Great Minds/Geniuses of the 21st Century, 2007


  • Institute of Physics 2001, Doctoral Research Conferences Brunel 1996, 2000.

Peer esteem

  • A large number of peer reviewed journal papers; 6 books.

Design awards

  • Best Paper: Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design 1997; Strain 1993.


  • Editorial: Journal of Strain Analysis; International Journal of Plasticity.


  • I.Mech.E/National Diploma Prize 1968.


  • Nippon Tubing, van den Bosch.
  • Professional Affiliations
  • M. I. Mech. E., C. Eng., Fellow RSM.

Newest selected publications

Rees, DWA. (2018) 'The Mechanics of Elastic Solids'. Wspc (Europe). ISSN 10: 1786346168 ISSN 13: 9781786346162


Rees, DWA. (2016) 'Mechanics of Solids and Structures'. World Scientific Publishing. ISSN 13: 978-1-78326-396-7


Rees, DWA. (2014) 'The Mechanics of Engineering Structures'. World Scientific Publishing Co Inc. ISSN 10: 1783264039 ISSN 13: 9781783264032


Rees, DWA. (2012) 'Plane strain compression of aluminium alloy sheets'. Materials and Design, 39. pp. 495 - 503. ISSN: 0261-3069

Journal article

Rees, DWA. (2012) 'Mechanics of deformable solids'. Studium Press LLC. ISSN 10: 1-933699-620 ISSN 13: 9781933699622

More publications(79)