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Professor David Schmitt
Professor - Psychology


Prof. Schmitt serves as Director of the Centre for Culture and Evolution at Brunel University London.

Research Interests: Evolutionary and cross-cultural approaches to understanding personality, sexuality, gender/sex differences.


Prof. Schmitt received his PhD in Personality Psychology from the University of Michigan in 1995.


Prof. Schmitt serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Culture and Evolution, a Behavioral Sciences journal in Akadémiai Kiadó’s portfolio AKJournals.

Newest selected publications

Schmitt, DP. and Buss, DM. (2018) 'Mate preferences and their behavioral manifestations'. Annual Review of Psychology, 70 (1). pp. 77 - 110. ISSN: 0066-4308 Open Access Link

Journal article

Treger, S. and Schmitt, DP. (2018) 'Independent, Autonomous, and Permissive: Examining the Links Between Self-Construal and Sexual Permissiveness'. Journal of Sex Research, 56 (6). pp. 1 - 13. ISSN: 0022-4499 Open Access Link

Journal article

Schmitt, DP., Alcalay, L., Allik, J., Alves, ICB., Anderson, CA., Angelini, AL., et al. (2017) 'Narcissism and the strategic pursuit of short-term mating: Universal links across 11 world regions of the international sexuality description project-2'. Psychological Topics, 26 (1). pp. 89 - 137. ISSN: 1332-0742 Open Access Link

Journal article

Schmitt, DP., Long, AE., McPhearson, A., O'Brien, K., Remmert, B. and Shah, SH. (2016) 'Personality and gender differences in global perspective'. International Journal of Psychology, 52 (S1). pp. 45 - 56. ISSN: 0020-7594 Open Access Link

Journal article

Schmitt, DP. and Fuller, RC. (2015) 'On the varieties of sexual experience: Cross-cultural links between religiosity and human mating strategies'. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 7 (4). pp. 314 - 326. ISSN: 1941-1022

Journal article
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