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Professor David Schmitt

Professor David Schmitt
Professor - Psychology


I am particularly interested working with students who wish to explore the sometimes subtle ways that men and women are psychologically different from one another, and why these differences depend heavily on both culture and evolution.

PhD projects for research students

Gendered Psychology Project

As part of a Gendered Psychology Project, the student will capture today’s shifting sex and gender variation by investigating whether psychological attributes that typically differ between heterosexual women and heterosexual men also vary in systematic ways across sexual minorities.

We expect some attributes will show evidence of the gender shift hypothesis (i.e., lesbian and gay men’s attributes reside somewhere in between those of heterosexual women and men). We further predict observed gender shifts will be more pronounced among transgendered individuals who exhibit aspects of gender identity dysphoria, cross-sex gender role orientations (i.e., especially feminine men and masculine women), or have a history of childhood gender non-conformity. Students will be involved with participant recruitment and the coordinated assessment of sexual identity, gender role orientation, and sexual orientation using a wide array of cutting-edge multi-dimensional instruments. By doing so, they will advance the taxonomic understanding of the biocultural roots of gendered psychology, with implications for addressing gender-related mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, suicidality, and substance abuse.

Please contact the supervisor before starting to write a research proposal.