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Dr Dora Souza Dias

Dr Dora Souza Dias
Lecturer in Design


Dora is a design historian and graphic designer who is interested in the current state of design education as well as the ways in which professional design practice has been shaped in the past. Her current academic research focuses on transnational professional design networks as well as on the challenges of social, cultural and linguistic interactions within design practice. Before becoming an academic, she has worked professionally as a graphic designer and visual communicator for many years, designing a number of books and magazines as well as exhibitions.

She has joined Brunel in 2020 as a Lecturer in Design. Before joining Brunel she was an Associate Lecturer at University of Brighton and also participated as a Guest Lecturer in the Lecture series “Other Ways of Knowing” held at the Wilson School of Design, Kwantlen Polytechnic University.


Ph.D. Design History – University of Brighton

M.Res. Design and Architecture – Faculdade de Architectura e Urbanismo, University of São Paulo, Brazil

B. Arch. Architeture and Urban Planning –  Faculdade de Architectura e Urbanismo, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Newest selected publications

Souza Dias, D. (2018) 'International Design Organizations and the Study of Transnational Interactions: the Case of Icogradalatinoamérica80'. Journal of Design History, 32 (2). pp. 188 - 206. ISSN: 0952-4649

Journal article

Souza Dias, D. (2018) '‘The Winds of Change:’ Cosmopolitanism and Geopolitical Identities in the Context of ICOGRADA'.ICDHS 10th + 1 Conference. Barcelona. Oriol Moret (ed.) ICDHS 10th + 1 Conference Proceedings Book: Back to the Future…. pp. 44 - 48.Open Access Link

Conference paper

Souza Dias, D. and Costa Braga, MD. (2017) 'O ensino de Comunicação Visual nos anos 1960: estudo de caso da FAU USP / Teaching of Visual Communication in the 1960s: FAU USP case study'. Estudos em Design, 25 (1). pp. 141 - 156. ISSN: 0104-4249 Open Access Link

Journal article

Bergamo, AF., Souza Dias, D., Romani, E., Chaves, I., Ribeiro Aragão, I., Cardinali, L., et al. (2014) 'Histórias do Design no Brasil II'. São Paulo: AnnaBlume.

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