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Dr Ehab Foda

Dr Ehab Foda
Research Fellow

Elliott Jaques 087


Dr Ehab Foda is a postdoctoral researcher in the built environment field with nearly 10years of research experience. His background is in mechanical engineering and buildings technical systems. Dr Ehab Foda's research, in Finland and the UK, was focused on the indoor environmental quality and energy-efficiency of buildings. During his work in Academia, Dr Ehab Foda has gained excellent skills in modelling, simulation, computational and quantitative analysis of buildings energy performance, human interaction, modelling of systems and energy production. Dr Ehab Foda has also gained excellent experience in dealing with experimental techniques, controls/set-ups used in laboratory and field measurement that is related particularly to the built environment, building energy and systems. Further, he got experience in teaching through assisting in postgraduate modules, supervision of students’ work/projects, and supporting of PhD researchers. He has had additionally more than 7years experience in industry working in projects mainly in the building services field.

Dr Ehab Foda has joined Brunel University in 2019 working in an EU H2020 project.




Aalto University, Finland

Energy Technology (HVAC Lab)



Tallinn University, Estonia

Thermal Engineering



Higher Tech. Inst., Egypt

Mechanical Engineering


Dr Ehab Foda has joined Brunel University in 2019 working in an EU H2020 project and deals with the planning of deep-renovation of buildings through modelling and measurements, and assessment of innovative technologies for buildings renovation.

Newest selected publications

Foda, E., El-Hamalawi, A. and Le Dréau, J. (2020) 'Computational analysis of energy and cost efficient retrofitting measures for the French house'. Building and Environment, 175 (15 May 2020). pp. 1 - 43. ISSN: 0360-1323 Open Access Link

Journal article

Beizaee, A., Allinson, D., Lomas, KJ., Foda, E. and Loveday, DL. (2015) 'Measuring the potential of zonal space heating controls to reduce energy use in UK homes: The case of un-furbished 1930s dwellings'. Energy and Buildings, 92. pp. 29 - 44. ISSN: 0378-7788 Open Access Link

Journal article

Foda, E. and Sirén, K. (2014) 'Evaluating the thermal comfort performance of heating systems using a thermal manikin with human thermoregulatory control'. Indoor and Built Environment, 25 (1). pp. 191 - 202. ISSN: 1420-326X Open Access Link

Journal article

Foda, E., Allinson, D., Lomas, K. and Loveday, D. (2014) 'Using UK Green Deal Assessment Data of a Stock of Dwellings to Run a Batch of Building Energy Models'.Proceedings of Building Simulation and Optimization, BSO14 conference- 2nd IBPSA-England conference. London, UK. 25 - 25 June.Open Access Link

Conference paper

Foda, E. (2012) 'Evaluating the local and overall thermal comfort in buildings using thermal manikins'. PhD Thesis.

Thesis dissertation
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