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Dr Evina Katsou

Howell Building 234


Principal Supervisor

  1. Theoni Massara, Title: Development of a novel model to quantify nitrous oxide emissions in the biological nutrient removal of wastewater treatment plants (NERC DTP PhD Studentship); Started: 1/04/15 (completed PhD)
  2. Vasileia Vasilaki, Title: Investigating energy-efficient processes for wastewater treatment targeting at materials and energy recovery; Started: 01/06/16 (completed PhD)
  3. Eliza Nika, Title: Integrating sustainability indicators into wastewater treatment monitoring and control; Started: 15/05/18 (completed PhD)
  4. Samira Safari, Title: Recovery of phosphorus from municipal wastewaters; Started: 1/2/17
  5. Said Awad, Title: Monitoring and reduction of the energy and carbon footprint in WWTPs; Started: 01/03/17
  6. Matia Ghafourian, Title: Harmonised-Interoperable Water System (EPSRC DTP PhD Studentship); Started: October 2019
  7. David Renfrew, Title: Developing methods for extracting high added-value compounds from urban waste streams' 2020
  8. Michele Coletti, Title: Sustainability assessment & Circularity modelling of a new advanced biofuel production scheme”, 2020
  9. Joao Ribeiro, Title: Water reuse-carbon-energy-food-climatic nexus modelling and sustainable water resources management across multiple sectors; Started: January 2021


  1. Daniel Francisco Egas Galarza, Title: Optimizing the Environmental and Economic Sustainability of the Daily Industry, University of Vic (Spain)
  2. Isabel Noya, Title: Valorisation of agrifood  waste:  biogas  production  and  biofertilisers, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
  3. Dr Nicola Frison, Title: Novel biological, sustainable solutions to optimize bioresource recovery and energy efficiency from downstream of anaerobic digestion, University of Verona (Italy)
  4. Andrea Andrea Isabel Suárez Mayor, Title: Advanced wastewater treatment processes and ICT based solutions for wastewater treatment processes optimization, University of Barcelona (Spain)
  5. Dr Nuria Basset Olive, Title: A contribution to resource recovery from wastewater: anaerobic processes for organic matter and nitrogen treatment, University of Barcelona (Spain)
  6. Dr Teresa Alvariño, Title: Removal of emergent micropollutants from the sludge supernatant in a one stage nitritation/anammox process, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
  7. Dr Lucia Lijó, Title: Sustainable bioenergy production through the anaerobic digestion process: Environmental assessment of different available technologies and proposals for environmental improvements, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain); successfully completed Short Term Scientific Mission COST Action ES1202
  8. Yago Lorenzo Toja, Title: Eco-efficiency and environmental assessment of urban wastewater treatment plants, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)