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Dr Filippo Dellucchese

Dr Filippo Dellucchese
Senior Lecturer

Marie Jahoda 227


I completed my PhD in 2002 in History of Political Thought at the University of Pisa. After a four year post-doctoral fellowship, I joined Occidental College, Los Angeles and the Université de Picardie, Amiens for a three year Marie Curie fellowship. I was appointed lecturer at Brunel University in 2010 after a short period as assistant professor at the American University of Beirut.


  • PhD University of Pisa
  • MA University of Pisa
  • MA Sussex University
  • DEA Paris IV – Sorbonne
  • BA University of Pisa

Newest selected publications

Lucchese, FD. (2019) 'Monstrosity and Philosophy Radical Otherness in Greek and Latin Culture'. EUP. ISSN 10: 1474456200 ISSN 13: 9781474456203


Del Lucchese, F. (2018) 'The Revolutionary Foundation of Modern Political Thought: Machiavelli, Spinoza, and Constituent Power', inSpinoza's Political Treatise A Critical Guide. Cambridge University Press. pp. 190 - 190. ISBN 10: 1316762157.

Book chapter

Del Lucchese, F. (2017) 'Jura communia as anima imperii: The symptomatic relationship between law and conflict in Spinoza', inSpinoza's Authority Volume II Resistance and Power in the Political Treatises. Bloomsbury Publishing. pp. 27 - 27. ISBN 10: 1350011053.

Book chapter

Del Lucchese, F. (2017) 'Machiavelli and constituent power: the revolutionary foundation of modern political thought'. European Journal of Political theory, 16 (1). pp. 3 - 3. ISSN: 1741-2730 Open Access Link

Journal article

Del Lucchese, F. (2016) 'Spinoza and Constituent Power'. Contemporary Political Theory, 15. pp. 182 - 204. ISSN: 1476-9336 Open Access Link

Journal article
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