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Mr. German Sternharz completed the respective BSc and MSc courses in Transport Systems and Aerospace Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. During his time as a student assistant and in frame of his final year project at the institute’s Chair of Space Technology, he built a ground station for satellite data reception and developed appropriate visualisation software. He advised multiple partner universities on this topic and held a conference presentation in Baku, Azerbaijan. Universities from Astana, Baku and Vilnius have adopted the developed system and software.

Later, Mr. Sternharz secured a placement at the aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce Deutschland, where he contributed to CAD modelling, developed office software and performed dynamic stress simulations for fan blades of future engines. He received the EPSRC funded studentship for his PhD study at Brunel CEDPS, where he continues research with supervisory support from Rolls-Royce Deutschland. His main research areas are Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) of rotating machinery (jet engine components in particular) as well as Applied Artificial Intelligence.