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Dr Grazia Ingravalle

Dr Grazia Ingravalle
Research Fellow - Leverhulme Trust

Gaskell Buildling 165


Grazia Ingravalle works in the fields of film history and theory, media history, audiovisual heritage, and film archives. Her work focuses on the history of film as archival and museum object and historical record. Her research investigates audiovisual archives and film museums from a museological perspective, as dispositifs where new technologies meet old media, and as sites of cultural and historical mediations. She has lectured in both film and media studies on subjects that range from found footage filmmaking to urban regeneration and new film museums and archives.

Grazia is an Early Career Leverhulme Research Fellow at Brunel University under the mentorship of Professor Sarita Malik. Her current project "Whose Film Heritage? Postcolonial Perspectives on Film Archives and Museums" focuses on the acquisition, preservation and (analogue and digital) exhibition of archival footage that documents imperial, colonial and postcolonial histories. Her case studies include the BFI National Archive, the Polish Film Archive (Filmoteka Narodowa) and the Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). 

Grazia received her PhD in Film Studies from the University of St Andrews in 2017. Her thesis examined the history of selected film archives in Europe and North America (with a focus on silent film exhibition and programming) and their current silent film exhibition strategies. She is currently working to publish her thesis as a monograph titled "Curating Film History: Film Museums and Archives in the age of New Media". 


Grazia Ingravalle has lectured in both film and media studies on subjects that range from found footage filmmaking to urban regeneration and new film museums. 

- FM2606 Understanding the Film and Television Industries, UG Level 2, Module Leader

- CO1601/1602 Key Ideas in Media Studies, UG Level 1, Lecturer

Newest selected publications

Ingravalle, G. (2020) 'Provenance and Film Historiography: 1910s Films at the George Eastman Museum', in Williams, T., Yumibe, J., Bernardi, J. and Cherchi Usai, P. (eds.) Provenance and Early Cinema. Indiana University Press.

Book chapter

Ingravalle, G. (2019) 'Allegories of the Past: Nitrate Film’s Aura in Post-Industrial Rochester, NY'. Screen, 60 (3). pp. 371 - 387. ISSN: 0036-9543 Open Access Link

Journal article

O'Sullivan, S., Keidl, PD., Melgar Estrada, L., Hielscher, E., Koolen, M., Gosvig Olesen, C., et al. (2017) 'Special Issue “Digital Humanities and/in Film Archives.” The Moving Image 17.2.'. University of Minnesota Press. ISSN 13: 9781517905149

Scholarly Edition

Latsis, D. and Ingravalle, G. (2017) 'Guest editors’ foreword: Digital humanities and/in film archives'. Moving Image, 17 (2). pp. XI - XV. ISSN: 1532-3978 Open Access Link

Journal article

Ingravalle, G. (2015) 'Remixing early cinema historical explorations at the eye film institute netherlands'. Moving Image, 15 (2). pp. 82 - 97. ISSN: 1532-3978

Journal article
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