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Research area(s)

Sociology of education, inernational development, and production of identities, with a focus on gender, youth, religion, caste, ethnicity and citizenship. Feminist, Postcolonial and Poststructural frameworks and approaches

Research Interests

My research interests involve sociology of education and international development, with a focus on identities, youth, gender and citizenship in the Global South. My research troubles the dominant discursive strains that produce the post-colonial nation-state and citizen, and through this position marginalised groups like the Adivasis and rural youth in opposition to ideas of the ‘modern’. My post-doctoral work explores how national identities are formed, sustained and resisted through digital media and use of technology and have a bearing on youth and gender identities in India.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects


Project details

ESRC-funded project Rural youth identities in India: Exploring intersections of nation, gender and technology in areas of civil unrest (Grant awarded for postdoctoral fellowship 2021-2022 - £107,973)

Adivasi identities in an area of civil unrest in India (Doctoral research project, part funded by Tata Trusts, India and studenship awarded by Centre for International Education, University of Sussex, UK, 2014-2019)