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Hanieh is a lecturer in genetics of cardiometabolic disorders. She obtained her PhD in 2013 in genetics of human complex traits from University of Exeter. In 2017, she was awarded a prestigious Diabetes UK RD Lawrence fellowship to study healthy fat genes or genes associated with a favourable adiposity phenotype. Hanieh leads genetic studies to understand what protects some obese people from developing Type 2 diabetes. She uses MRI scans of abdominal fat to understand how certain genes influence the way we store fat and if they can protect people from developing Type 2 diabetes or other cardiometabolic diseases. She is also using genetics to unravel the aetiology of cardiometabolic diseases and their links. She has been using different methods from Mendelian randomization studies to more sophisticated clustering analysis to find causal directions between biomarkers (such as body fat distribution, adiponectin, lipids etc) and risk of cardiometabolic diseases.


MD, MSc, PhD

Newest selected publications

Heald, AH., Martin, S., Fachim, H., Green, HD., Young, KG., Malipatil, N., et al. (2021) 'Genetically defined favourable adiposity is not associated with a clinically meaningful difference in clinical course in people with type 2 diabetes but does associate with a favourable metabolic profile'. Diabetic Medicine, 38 (9). pp. e14531. ISSN: 0742-3071

Journal article

Martin, S., Cule, M., Basty, N., Tyrrell, J., Beaumont, RN., Wood, AR., et al. (2021) 'Genetic Evidence for Different Adiposity Phenotypes and Their Opposing Influences on Ectopic Fat and Risk of Cardiometabolic Disease'. Diabetes, 70 (8). pp. 1843 - 1856. ISSN: 0012-1797

Journal article

Rob Taal, H., St Pourcain, B., Thiering, E., Das, S., Mook-Kanamori, DO., Warrington, NM., et al. (2021) 'Common variants at 12q15 and 12q24 are associated with infant head circumference'. Nature Genetics, 44 (5). pp. 532 - 538. ISSN: 1061-4036

Journal article

Yaghootkar, H., Zhang, Y., Spracklen, CN., Karaderi, T., Huang, LO., Bradfield, J., et al. (2020) 'Genetic studies of leptin concentrations implicate leptin in the regulation of early adiposity'. Diabetes, 69 (12). pp. 2806 - 2818. ISSN: 0012-1797

Journal article

Erzurumluoglu, AM., Liu, M., Jackson, VE., Barnes, DR., Datta, G., Melbourne, CA., et al. (2020) 'Meta-analysis of up to 622,409 individuals identifies 40 novel smoking behaviour associated genetic loci'. Molecular Psychiatry, 25 (10). pp. 2392 - 2409. ISSN: 1359-4184

Journal article
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