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My main research focus is cyberloafing behaviors, human-computer interaction, tech-behavs (techno-behaviors), nomophobia, FoMO, netless, innovation behaviors, entrepreneurship, presenteeism behaviors, social undermining, job engagement, learning organizations and positive psychological capital.

I also conduct research in the areas of counterproductive workplace behaviors, creative innovative deviance, deviant behaviors, organizational silence, organizational stress, presenteeism, sickness absenteeism, organizational citizenship behaviors, organizational trust, organizational learning capacity, organizational commitment, organizational culture, organizational justice, creativity, leadership styles, innovation and technology management. To date, I investigated these concepts and others through survey-based studies in healthcare, information technology, banking, defence, education, and textile industries among others.


Harun Yildiz is also on:




Research Methods (SmartPLS, LISREL, AMOS, SPSS, and NVivo)


Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Organizational Behaviour