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Mr Hu-Tian Li

Mr Hu-Tian Li
Research Fellow

Gardiner Building 101


Dr. Li is a Research Fellow.  He earned his PhD in Solidification Science in March 2011 at Brunel University.  Prior to joining BCAST in 2008, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Northeastern University, in China.  He earned his first PhD in Materials Science and Engineering in 2006 at the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) where his research focused on the development of Intermetallics (NiAl)-based in-situ composites for elevated temperature structural applications.

Dr. Li's current research centres on the experimental investigation of heterogeneous nucleation behavours, formation of intermetallic phases under dynamic conditions and development of novel Direct-chill casting technology in combination with intensive melt shearing for production of high quality billet/slabs of wrought aluminium and magnesium alloys.

Representative publications:

  1. Hu-Tian Li, Pizhi Zhao, Rongdong Yang, Jayesh B. Patel, Xiangfu Chen, Zhongyun Fan: Grain Refinement and Improvement of Solidification Defects in Direct-Chill Cast Billets of A4032 Alloy by Melt Conditioning; Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 2017, 48B, 2481-2492.
  2. H.-T. Li, J. B. Patel, H. R. Kotadia, Z. Fan: Controlling the formation of iron-bearing intermetallics in wrought Al alloys by melt conditioned DC (MC-DC) casting technology; Materials Science Forum, 2015, 828, 43-47.
  3. J. B. Patel, H.-T. Li, M. X. Xia, S. Jones, S. Kumar, K. O'Reilly, Z. Fan: Melt conditioned direct chill casting (MC-DC) process for production of high quality aluminium alloy billets; Materials Science Forum, 2014, 794, 149-154.
  4. H.-T. Li, Y. Wang, Z. Fan: Mechanisms of enhanced heterogeneous nucleation during solidification in binary Al-Mg alloys; Acta Materialia, 2012, 60, 1528-1537.
  5. Yun Wang, Hu-Tian Li, Zhongyun Fan: Oxidation of aluminium alloy melts and inoculation by oxide particles; Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 2012, 65, 653-661.
  6. H.-T. Li, M. Xia, Ph. Jarry, G.M. Scamans, and Z. Fan:  Grain refinement in a AlZnMgCuTi alloy by intensive melt shearing: a multi-step nucleation mechanism;  Journal of Crystal Growth, 2011, 314(1), 285-292.
  7. Y. Zuo, H.-T.Li, M. Xia, B. Jiang, G.M. Scamans, and Z. Fan:  Refining grain structure and porosity of an aluminium alloy with intensive melt shearingp;  Scripta Materialia 2011, 64, 209-212.
  8. H.-T. Li, J.T. Guo, H.Q. Ye, Q. Wang, and J.C. He:  Simultaneous improvement of strength and ductility inNiAl-Cr(Mo)-Hf near eutectic alloy by small amount of Ti alloying addition;  Materials Letters 2008, 62 (1), 61-64.
  9. H.-T. Li, J.T. Guo, and H.Q. Ye:  Composition dependence of the precipitation behaviour in NiAl-Cr(Mo)-ITi,Hf) near eutectic alloys;  Materials Science and Engineering A, 2007, 452-453, 763-772.
  10. H.-T. Li, J.T. Guo, K.W. Huai, and H.Q. Ye:  Microstructure characterization and room temperature deformation of a rapidly solidified NiAl-based eutectic alloy containing trace Dy;  Journal of Crystal Growth, 2006, 290 (1), 258-265.