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Mr Iain Farquharson

Mr Iain Farquharson

Research area(s)

  • Military History
  • The Second World War
  • The Interwar Period
  • The British Army
  • Military Education

Research Interests

My research will focus on the reform of British Army staff training between 1919 and 1939. Taken alongside the political and economic changes of this period, the aim is to discover why the British Army failed to make any significant changes to the system of staff training despite having multiple opportunities to do so.

This research aims to compliment the current literature on Britain’s interwar military history as, whilst there are many researchers who have dealt with the changing doctrine of the British Army General Staff in this period, there is no single study focused on British staff training that goes beyond 1914.

Alongside this I have an interest in military history in general with more in depth knowledge of World War Two and the American Civil War and developing knowledge of Britain’s colonial conflicts.