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Dr Ian Cushing

Dr Ian Cushing
Lecturer in Education


I joined Brunel in September 2019 after 3 years as a Teaching Fellow in English Linguistics in the Department of English Language and Literature at University College London. Part of my responsibilities at Brunel include leading the PGCE English programme, as well as BA, MA and PhD teaching and supervision in Education. 

My research focuses on language/literacy policies in educational contexts (particulary in the area of language discrimination and language 'policing'). I examine the ways in which language policies are enacted in schools, in how these are perceived, negotiated, interpreted and resisted by teachers and students. I am particularly interested in how language/literacy policies can lead to the discrimination and stigmatisation of young people, and how we might address these issues through the use of critical, sociolinguistic tools.

My PhD developed a pedagogical grammar for use in secondary schools, drawing on concepts from cognitive linguistics and reader-response theory in order to facilitate classrooms where students' voices, knowledge, identities and ideas are foregrounded.

If you are a teacher and would like access to my publications but do not have institutional access, please email me.


  • BA Linguistics (University of Manchester)
  • MSc Phonetics (University College London)
  • PGCE English (University College London)
  • PhD Applied Linguistics (Aston University)

Newest selected publications

Cushing, I. (2020) 'Coda', in Ahmed, F., Giovanelli, M., Mansworth, M. and Titjen, F. (eds.) Teaching English Language and Literature 16-19. London, UK : Routledge. pp. 147 - 148. ISBN 13: 9780367322038. Open Access Link

Book chapter

Cushing, I. (2020) '‘Say it like the Queen’: the standard language ideology and language policy making in English primary schools'. Language, Culture and Curriculum. pp. 1 - 14. ISSN: 0790-8318 Open Access Link

Journal article

Cushing, I. (2020) 'Power, policing and language policy mechanisms in schools: a response to Hudson'. Language in Society, 49 (3). pp. 461 - 475. ISSN: 0047-4045 Open Access Link

Journal article

Cushing, I. (2019) 'The policy and policing of language in schools'. Language in Society, 49 (3). pp. 425 - 450. ISSN: 0047-4045 Open Access Link

Journal article

Cushing, I. (2019) 'Prescriptivism, linguicism and pedagogical coercion in primary school UK curriculum policy'. English Teaching : Practice and Critique, 19 (1). pp. 35 - 47. ISSN: 1175-8708 Open Access Link

Journal article
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