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I am a Doctoral Researcher in Psychology at the Centre for Culture and Evolution, Brunel University. My research area is within Developmental and Cross-Cultural Psychology, focusing on risk and resilience in adolescents and young adults with various migrant backgrounds such as; immigrants, refugees, and expatriates. I also take a great interest in Cognitive Neuroscience, specifically, in EEG-generated data, and how it can be utilised to further explain and understand the construct of resilience and depression. 

I studied Developmental and Family Psychology at the University of Kristianstad, Sweden, and wrote my master's dissertation on risk and resilience in adolescents growing up outside their passport countries. I also hold a B.A. degree in Psychology from the same university, and from 1992 I have a B.Sc. degree in Economics from Gothenburg University, Sweden. In addition, I hold a second interdisciplinary Master's Degree (Psychology & Social Science) from 2018 in Child & Youth Studies from University West, Sweden, where I wrote my dissertation on risk and resilience in international and refugee adolescents.

I joined Brunel University in 2018 as a part-time Doctoral Researcher, aiming to complete the PhD in 2022. In addition to my doctoral studies, I work clinically as a health psychologist in private practice.   

I am supervised by:

Dr Aiyana Willard (Principal Supervisor)

Dr Elena Antonova (Supervisor CCN) & Dr Toshie Imada (Second Supervisor CCE) 

Dr Stanley Gaines (Research Development Advisor)