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Dr Joe Chick is a Research Fellow on the ESRC-funded project An Institutional History of Internal Communication in the UK. His current research is on the rise of large organisations since the late nineteenth century, focussing on the discourse and practice of employer communication with employees. With a background as a historian, he is interested in long-term trends in social history from the medieval era to the present day. His first monograph Urban Society and Monastic Lordship in Reading, 1350-1600 was published with Boydell & Brewer in 2022.


PhD in History (University of Warwick, 2020)

Associate Fellowship of the HEA since 2021

PG Cert in Social Sciences Research (University of Warwick, 2018)

Newest selected publications

Chick, J. (2022) 'Urban Society and Monastic Lordship in Reading, 1350-1600'. Boydell & Brewer. ISSN 10: 1783277564 ISSN 13: 9781783277568


Chick, J. (2022) 'Leader and Rebels: John Wrawe's Role in the Suffolk Rising of 1381'. Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute for Archaeology & History, 44 (2). pp. 214 - 234. ISSN: 0262-6004 Open Access Link

Journal article

Chick, J. (2019) 'Urban Oligarchy and Dissolutioned Voters: The End of Monastic Rule in Reading, 1350-1600'. Cultural and Social History, 16 (4). pp. 387 - 411. ISSN: 1478-0038

Journal article

Chick, J. (2016) 'The 1381 Rising in Bury St Edmunds: The Role of Leaders and the Community in Shaping the Rebellion'. Pons Aelius.

Journal article
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