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Professor Johannes Birringer

Professor Johannes Birringer
Professor - Drama & Performance

Research area(s)

  • Choreography and Digital Media
  • Design and Interactive Technologies
  • Performance Theory
  • Transcultural Dance and Theatre
  • New Media Arts

Research Interests

Johannes’s research activities include choreography and digital media, design and interactive technologies, theatre scenography, video, music and installation art, performance theory and its relations to current research in life sciences and cognitive sciences, cross-cultural collaboration. The DAP-Lab, which he has directed since 2005, explores convergences between physical movement choreography, visual expression in dance/film/fashion, wearable design, and real-time interactive data flow environments. Participants explore the relations between design in motion, and design fabrics and performance wearables within a performance context with digital projections allowing the clothes with built-in sensors to be used for performance interaction with camera tracking and real-time data transformation (video, sound, motion graphics,). DAP-Lab involves researchers at Brunel University London conjoined with telematic partner sites in the USA, Japan, Brazil and Italy, and develops prototypes of wearable garments which respond in distinct ways to body movement, camera capture, and sensory processing. Most recently, research has focused on audiophonic wearables and sonic visualization in performance. Birringer is a co-founder of ADAPT and has been working in online collaboration with live performer from multiple sites since 2001. The performance ensemble of the Lab has created online performances and large-scale dance installations.

He has published widely on the visual and performing arts and is a contributing editor with Performing Arts Journal (USA), Performance Research (UK), South African Theatre Journal (SA), PADM (UK) and BST (UK). His books include Theatre, Theory, Postmodernism (1989), Media and Performance: along the border (1998); Performance on the Edge: Transformations of Culture (2000 and 2005), and  " Performance,  Technology, and Science  (2008).

In 2005 he co-edited Tanz im Kopf/Dance and Cognition, an anthology of new research in dance and neuroscience; and in 2011 he also co-edited Tanz und WahnSinn/Dance and ChoreoMania, an anthology on dance and madness.