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Professor Johannes Birringer

Professor Johannes Birringer
Professor - Drama & Performance


Birringer’s teaching interests include performance and media arts practices, theatre and dance, scenography and digital design, and a range of theoretical and historical studies in the humanities and the performance arts. He currently directs the digital performance stream in the Theatre BA, and teaches an annual laboratory in digital technologies in the MA Performance Making along with a seminar on the history and theory of mise en scène.


In August 2010, Birringer directed the Live.Media + Performance-Lab at EMPAC Center (Rensselaer Institute) in New York, one of the many international workshops he has offered over the past years which were dedicated to research and community development for artistic applications of new performance technologies. He is a co-producer for streaming media and DanceTV on, and coordinates the Brunel University London Performance Reseach Seminar. In 2011 he coordinated the first ARTAUD Forum: The World from Within and Without, an annual workshop-conference held at Brunel’s Artaud Performance Centre;  he was recently invited to give keynote presentations at MIT Media Lab (Boston) during the conference Dance Technology and Circulations of the Social 2.0 (April 2011) and the Baltic Movement Festival at Gdansk Poland (June 2011). His U.S.-based ensemble website is:; his German laboratory site is:; and his DAP label is at:

Research Projects

Design Telematic Interaktionslabor
Design and Performance Lab (DAP-Lab) Telematic Performance (ADaPT) Interaktionslabor Goettelborn
Digital Beijing/
Digital Cultures Lab & Symposium 2005 Beijing/ Sydney/Istanbul/Oslo: emergent dance technologies

International Partnership Projects

TRANSNET: SCIENCE                          i-Map European Multisite Project 

Research and Performance Websites

Links to Dance and Technology Research Archive 1999-2003 (The Ohio State University)

Recent and new Productions: 

  • 2010 UKIYO II, KIBLA Media Arts Centre, Maribor (Slovenia) & London
  • 2009 Ming Yi,  Subtle Technologies Toronto
  • 2009 Auf der anderen Seite des Spiegels, Interaktionslabor Goettelborn
  • 2009 UKIYO I, Artaud Performance Center, Brunel University London
  • 2008 Corpo, Carne e Espirito, FIT_BH Theatre Festival, Belo Horizonte, Brazil 
  • 2007-08 Suna no Onna, Laban Centre, London, Watermans Art Center, Brentford 
  • 2006-07 See you in Walhalla, IME Industrial Performign Arts Center,

AthensTheatre Festival                                          

Exhibitions and Performances (selected)

Design Director,tedr2005

Wearable Futures, Newport, Wales (September 05) and Digital Cultures Lab, Nottingham (December 05)

The emergent dress project, developed at the DAP Lab, involves transdisciplinary intersections between fashion and live performance, interactive system architecture, electronic textiles, wearable technologies, and composition. Centered around a series of live telematic performances created with remote partners, the research project explores new ideas for sensory movement technologies and garment design in an arts and digital research context. The concept on an evolving garment design that is materialized (moved) in live performance originates from DAP Lab\'s experimentation with telematics and distributed media addressing connective tissues through a study of perception/proprioception in the wearer (tactile sensory processing) and the dancer/designer/viewer relationship. Since 2005 this exploration is conducted as cross-cultural communication with online performance partners in Europe, the US, Brazil and Japan. .

Collaborating artist and lab co-facilitator: Michèle Danjoux, Fashion (NTU / de Montfort) 

Director, Director,Sueño2003

Mount Hall, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Sueño is an interactive multimedia play that focuses on the life of 17th Century Mexican nun, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, widely known in Latin America and in Spain. Her fame stems from her voracious drive for knowledge and her exceptional genius as a writer. From her silent solitary cell, this free-thinking nun conducted scientific experiments, wrote hundreds of poems, plays, as well as theological essays. She was frequently attacked and chose to defend not only her own interest in wordly learning, but also the broad rights of women to education and a life of the mind. Written and performed by Angeles Romero and directed by Johannes Birringer, this play with interactive video and sound sculptures evokes realities in the intellectual mindspace of Sor Juana, a world that borders on a continuous sliding between concrete experiences, intellectual exercises and psychological hallucinations. Sueño mediates the actress\'s ability to exceed physical, spatial and temporal limitations. The crossing of filmic, theatrical and sonic spaces in the mixed reality of the performance reflects on the integration of virtual techniques.

Co-Designer, Co-Designer,East by West2003

Telepresent interactive installation,DEAF Rotterdam

East by West consists of two interactive, distributed environments constructed at opposite ends of a building and connected via live video-audio streaming. Both explore the emergence and temporal synthesis of musical, visual and kinaesthetic perceptions in two similar yet different geographic architectures. The synthesis underscores the experience of the visitors and their strategic play or intuitive interaction with potential games or performance environments. Both landscapes invite the visitor to explore and play with the objects in the environments. The installation was collaboratively created and designed by Johannes Birringer, Sher Doruff, and Orm Finnendahl. It was first exhibited at the Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, in July 2002; a new version was featured at the 2003 Dutch Electronic Arts Festival in Rotterdam. The work explores the transformation of spatial imagination (real space as virtual space) and the experience of time and synchronicity. East by West addresses the visitors\' playful fantasy and tactile exploration of the environment; the interface becomes useful if such play recognizes how parallel reality-systems can converge or affect each other, how we integrate other realities into our social experience.

Telematic Director,,Flying Birdman2002

Telematic multisite performance, World Wide Web See

Telepresence integrates video, communication and network technologies into performance environments and the international co-production and project management of remote and multiple site events with streaming media, web technologies, video production and editing, transdisciplinary research, and collaborative compositional practice. Interaction between remote performance partners, as well as between programmers, engineers, and designers, has become the standard model of co-production in telepresence performance. Flying Birdman was created collaboratively online over a period of months and performed as a multisite webcast in November 2002, produced by seven teams that are part of the research group ADaPT (studios in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Detroit, Columbus, Salt Lake City, Madison, Brasilia and São Paulo). It is based on short narratives and structured spirally as a Renga composed of live dance, real-time audio and sound processing, precorded filmic images, still images, spoken voice, and graphic textcommunication exchanged by participants and audience during the live performance.

Books and other Publications (selected)

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Current Performance projects (2005-2007)

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