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Mr. José Luis Velázquez de la Hoz is a doctoral researcher at the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department. He holds an MSc in Engineering from Brunel University London, and he got his International Welding Engineer credentials in Germany. His research deals with the digitization of welding processes, particularly with the in-process quality monitoring of laser beam micro welds. A central theme in Jose’s probe is the advanced microscale modeling of micro laser welding, a joining process widely used in high-value manufacturing industries like automotive and aerospace, and in which viscous forces dominate over inertial ones, unlike more traditional joining techniques. Triggered by the industrial applicability of his research work, additional examined topics are Digital Manufacturing, including Digital Twins and Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Systems, and vertical and horizontal integration of welding processes as well as welding business ecosystems.

Recent publications:

 Velázquez de la Hoz, J.L.; Cheng, K. Development of an Intelligent Quality Management System for Micro Laser Welding: An Innovative Framework and Its Implementation Perspectives. Machines 20219, 252.