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Dr Justin O'Brien
Senior Lecturer in Psychology


Undergraduate Teaching

PY2700 Quantitative Research Methods

Postgraduate Teaching

PY5706 Neuroscience Methods: Theory and Practice

Teaching Videos

This series of videos explains how to analyse data from an FMRI study of object recognition. It was designed for students on the MSc Functional Neuroimaging programme at Brunel University. These videos are all up on YouTube and are applicable for the analysis of most block/epoch studies using SPM12.

Use the button below for the whole playlist in order on YouTube or select individual videos from the thumbnails.

Download the NIFTI images that accompany this playlist: [500MB] (consult the README.txt file in the zip archive for details of the condition onset times which are different to those shown in the video)

SPM Tutorial 01 - Study Summary and Getting Started
SPM Tutorial 02 - Arranging Files
SPM Tutorial 03 - Realignment
SPM Tutorial 04 - Normalisation
SPM Tutorial 05 - Smoothing
SPM Tutorial 06 - Statistics Specification
SPM Tutorial 07 - Review Stats Spec
SPM Tutorial 08 - Estimate Statistical Model
SPM Tutorial 09 - Contrast Manager Introduction
SPM Tutorial 10 - Results Summary
SPM Tutorial 11 - Montage and Labelling
SPM Tutorial 12 - Image Segmentation
SPM Tutorial 13 - Extract Surface
SPM Tutorial 14 - Warp Structural Images
SPM Tutorial 15 - Average Anatomical Images
SPM Tutorial 16 - Adding Contrasts
SPM Tutorial 17 - Effects of Interest F Contrast
SPM Tutorial 18 - Contrasts for Each Participant
SPM Tutorial 19 - Render on 3D surface
SPM Tutorial 20 - View Multiple SPMs