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Dr Loukas Zagkos

Dr Loukas Zagkos
Honorary Research Fellow - Life Sciences


I am currently working as a research fellow at Brunel University London on genetic epidemiology, population data analysis, big data analysis and metabolomics in human behaviour, exploring the impact of diet and nutrition on educational performance in children and adolescents with a range of neurodevelopmental disabilities. I am identifying markers of diet or micronutrients that may protect or exacerbate behavioural problems in the school setting that will lead to poor or better educational attainment.


  • PhD in Mathematical Biology, September 2019, with title: "Mathematical modelling of DNA methylation", University of Chester, Chester, UK
  • BSc and MSc, September 2014, in Applied Mathematics and Physics, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece


My main responsibilities as a research fellow at Brunel are: 

  • Production of independent original research and taking initiative in the planning of research
  • Managing the project with the help of the supervisory team and coordinating the activities to ensure timely completion of the project
  • Working closely both with academics and stakeholders to ensure accurate interpretation and dissemination of the findings
  • Handling and preparing large data sets for analysis
  • Developing appropriate analytic procedures suitable for the data and the objectives of the project
  • Translating the research outcomes into scientific papers for publication in target journals, press releases, stakeholder communications and for lay audiences
  • Working with and supporting other Research Fellows, PhD students and taught programme students
  • Providing guidance to staff and students and direct work of small research team including Research Assistants and Technicians
  • Proactively seek, prepare, and submit proposals for funding current and future research
  • Write scientific research papers, press releases and accessible material within the scope of the project