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Luigi Margiotta-Casaluci
Visiting Senior Lecturer - Life Sciences


Dr Luigi Margiotta-Casaluci is a Senior Lecturer in Toxicology at King’s College London, specialised in comparative pharmacology and toxicology. He is also Honorary Senior Lecturer at Brunel University London, Centre of Inflammation Research & Translational Medicine (CIRTM).

The main aims of his research are to understand the multi-scale mechanisms underlying chemical-induced toxicity and to develop innovative approaches able to predict with high accuracy the potential adverse effects of chemicals in both humans and wildlife. 

To know more about his academic activities, please visit:

To get in touch, please email Dr Margiotta-Casaluci at Luigi.Margiotta-Casaluci (at) 

Newest selected publications

Marmon, P., Owen, S. and Margiotta-Casaluci, L. (2020) 'Pharmacology-informed prediction of the risk posed to fish by mixtures of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in the environment'. Environment International, 146. pp. 106222 - 106222. ISSN: 0160-4120 Open Access Link

Journal article

Legler, J., Zalko, D., Jourdan, F., Jacobs, M., Fromenty, B., Balaguer, P., et al. (2020) 'The goliath project: Towards an internationally harmonised approach for testing metabolism disrupting compounds'. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21 (10). pp. 1 - 18. ISSN: 1661-6596 Open Access Link

Journal article

Mahony, C., Ashton, RS., Birk, B., Boobis, AR., Cull, T., Daston, GP., et al. (2020) 'New ideas for non-animal approaches to predict repeated-dose systemic toxicity: Report from an EPAA Blue Sky Workshop'. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 114. pp. 104668 - 104668. ISSN: 0273-2300 Open Access Link

Journal article

Rivetti, C., Allen, TEH., Brown, JB., Butler, E., Carmichael, PL., Colbourne, JK., et al. (2019) 'Vision of a near future: Bridging the human health–environment divide. Toward an integrated strategy to understand mechanisms across species for chemical safety assessment'. Toxicology in Vitro, 62 (February 2020). pp. 1 - 9. ISSN: 0887-2333 Open Access Link

Journal article

Margiotta-Casaluci, L., Dusza, H., Moreira, I., Winter, MJ. and Prior, H. (2019) 'Development of an adverse outcome pathway (AOP) for cardiotoxicity mediated by the blockade of L-type calcium channels'. United States. 1 Elsevier BV. pp. 106595. ISSN: 1056-8719

Conference paper
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