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Dr Marco Benoit Carbone

Dr Marco Benoit Carbone
Lecturer in Games Design

Gaskell Building 144


Marco Benoît Carbone (PhD Cultural Studies, UCL) specialises in cultural representation, social constructivism, and qualitative/ethnographic social research methods. He has researched and published in the areas of youth and subcultural theory, gender and media studies, inclusive pedagogy, and digital games and media. His most recent research interests include the social dynamics of group formation and exclusion; the processes of identity mediation; intersectional approaches to gender, class, nationality and ethnicity; historical reception and postcolonialism; definitions of the normate body and ability; inclusive policies and digital designs. 


PhD Intercultural Studies, University College LondonAssociate Fellow – Higher Education AcademyMA Publishing – Scuola Superiore di Studi Umanistici, University of Bologna Alma MaterBA & MA Media Communications – University of Bologna Alma Mater

Newest selected publications

Carbone, MB. (2019) 'Attainment gaps and the higher education vocational and academic divide: The role of cultural studies in relation to ethnic minority and class intersectional factors', in Hatton, K. (ed.) Inclusion and Intersectionality in Visual Arts Education. London : UCL IoE Press. pp. 184 - 204. ISBN 10: 1858568390. ISBN 13: 9781858568393.

Book chapter

Carbone, MB. (2018) 'Beauty and the Octopus: Close encounters with the other-than-human', in Hackett, J. and Harrington, S. (eds.) Beasts of the Deep. Sea Creatures and Popular Cultures. East Barnet : John Libbey Publishing & Indiana University Press. pp. 59 - 76. ISBN 10: 086196733X. ISBN 13: 978-0861967339. Open Access Link

Book chapter

Carbone, MB. (2017) 'Chronotopes of Hellenic Antiquity: the Strait of Reggio and Messina in Documents of the Grand Tour era', in Guardiola, RR. (ed.) The Ancient Mediterranean in Modern Visual and Performing Arts. London : Bloomsbury Academic. pp. 33 - 54. ISBN 10: 1474298591. ISBN 13: 9781474298612.

Book chapter
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