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Marko is studying the technological application effects of Material Extrusion as Additive Manufacturing technology.

Namely, in Extrusion Based Additive Manufacturing, a known material is successively deposited in order to obtain a final shape of a desired product. However, between the intrinsic material specifications and the final product characteristics, there is an inevitable presence of chain of events in the transition between design and manufacturing phase. His research focuses on detailed understanding of the Process Planning in Extrusion Based 3D Printing, and studying the effects different Process Pipeline might have on the qualities or functionalities of a part produced with this technology, thus involving an approach where the method of technological application is placed as the central interest.

Therefore, his work analyses in detail the various steps from product/feature design and geometrical data processing up to manufacturing system and technological process in an effort to put the basis on a framework where advanced deposition and process chain strategies get related to a desired part functionality, also in a context of multi-material applications.