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After completing his bachelor's degree in law at Qatar University Marwan went on to gain professional experience as a lawyer in various firms. He later spent time as a media rights specialist at beIN Sports. While working at beIN he completed a Master's in Arbitration Construction Law at the British University in Dubai. Marwan's work in a broadcasting organization inspired his current research into the laws and regulations surrounding their operation. He is pursing a PhD at Brunel Law School under the supervision of Dr. Hayleigh Bosher. 

Research Project:

The project is titlted "THE UK COPYRIGHT LAW ON THE INVOLVEMENT OF BROADCASTING ORGANISATIONS IN THE PROCESS OF WORK CREATION." It aims to create a balance between two stakeholders: the broadcasting organization and authors. This will be done through examining and highlighting the activities carried out by each stakeholder by thoroughly invesitgating concepts such as authorship and ownership in this context. It will also evalute the status of a broadcast as a copyright protected work. Marwan started his PhD in October of 2021 and is projected to complete it by May 2024. 


Bachelors of Law (Qatar University) 

Masters of Arbitration and Contruction Law (British University in Dubai)