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Dr Mary Richards
Divisional Lead / Reader


Mary leads or contributes to a range of undergraduate modules including Perspectives 2 and 3, Professional Experience and Development, and Final Production.



Revised and Updated - Marina Abramovic (Routledge Performance Practitioners) ed. Franc Chamberlain, London/New York, in press 2018/19

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Keynote Speaker

March 2006 Here, There and Elsewhere: displacement, migration and identity De Montfort University and the Phoenix Centre, Leicester 'Imaging Dis-location: Silent Bodies Out-of-Joint'

Conference Papers or Invited Speaker

2013 "Productivity as a discourse: Tino Sehgal's These Associations (2012)" TaPRA Glasgow 4-6 September

2013 ‘Clumsy, furtive traces: a 'repository' of interrupted, defiant,unauthorised versions?’, Performing Documents Conference: Arnolfini Gallery and Bristol University, 12-14 April 2013

2012 'This brief encounter – Re: Constructing our ‘situation’ Intersections Conference AV12, Newcastle University March 2012

2006 Rubbish, Waste, and Litter; Culture and its Refusals 'Wasting Away: the diminishing body as public spectacle\', Warsaw School of Social Psychology, Warsaw, Poland. November (Papers to be published)

2006 TaPRA University of London at Central School of Speech and Drama, London 'The Most Wanted Man in the World: the absent body as palimpsest' September

2006 Performing Human Rights'Staging Protest: A Complete Stitch-Up' Performance Studies International (PSi), Queen Mary's, University of London, June.

2005 TaPRA - Inaugural Conference Manchester University, Manchester 'Food for thought or going nowhere Fast - Marina Abramovic and David Blaine go hungry'

2004 Collateral Damage: Art in the Age of Terrorism Southampton Institute 'Sewing and Sealing: Speaking Silence' December 2004

2003 Discovering Latin America, Cervantes Institute, London. 'Guillermo Gomez Pena: Border Crosser and Ethno-artist' 27-28th September, 2003

2003 Body Modification: Changing Bodies Changing Selves Macquarie University, Sydney 'Stigmata: My Body, My Language', 23-26th April 2003

2002 Narrative of Health, Illness and Disease St Catherine's College, Oxford 'Ron Athey, AIDS and the Politics of Pain'. June 2002