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Dr Mehdi Chougan

Dr Mehdi Chougan
Research Fellow

Michael Sterling 361


Dr. Mehdi Chougan is a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of the Civil and Environmental Engineering of Brunel University London. Mehdi's research focuses on two parts: (i) the design and optimization of 3D printable alkali-activated materials (AAM) and manufacturing strategies, with the aim to enhance the sustainability and productivity of the construction industry. Key topics concern the inclusion of different types of additives, including Graphene-based materials, nano clay, etc., focusing on rheology modifications. (ii) introducing a significantly improved, lightweight variant of compressed straw board (CSB) for the construction industry, strong enough to accommodate structural loads both in tension and under compression.


  • BSc Mechanical Engineering (4-years degree), Iran
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering (2-years degree), Iran
  • PhD (Title: Graphene-Engineered Cementitious materials: A Systematic Experimental Study), University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, 2019