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Professor Michael Wright
Honorary Professor - Life Sciences

Gaskell Building 231

Research area(s)

  • Functional neuroimaging (fMRI, EEG)
  • Perceptual-motor skills in sport
  • Mirror neuron system
  • Perceptions of actions and dynamic emotional expressions

Research Interests

I have wide interests in psychology and neuroscience, including: anticipation and deception in sport (fMRI, EEG); perception of emotional facial expressions and microexpressions (EEG, psychophysics); neural basis of emotion (fMRI, MRS); visual attention and change blindness (EEG/ERP, psychophysics); and quantitative/neuroscientific approaches to consciousness, dreams, delusions and individual differences.

Research grants and projects

Project details

Deceptive moves and spatial attention in football 2010 –

Neural basis of perceptual skill in sport. 2006-

Neural mechanisms of expertise in chess2007 - 2011

Neuroimaging of dynamic facial expressions 2008 -

Emotions and MRS 2012-2017 

Tdcs, RP and neuromuscular fatigue. 2015-2017


Research Grants Council (Hong Kong)The relationship between expert perception, task constraints and selective information pick-up in ball sportsHK$ 977,8102007 - 2010PI Prof B Abernethy (HKU), CIs Prof M J Wright (Brunel), Dr R Jackson (Brunel)