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Dr Morwenna Carr

Dr Morwenna Carr
Tutoring Coordinator

Eastern Gateway 201

Research area(s)

I specialise in inclusive education, with particular focus on Disability Theory and Queer Theory.

In my literary research I am particularly concerned with the representation of disabled and gendered bodies on the seventeenth-century stage, and with the ways in which that representation has solidifed contemporary understandings of socially constructed fixed binary sex and the non-normate body.

Research Interests

Seventeenth-century drama and prose ∙ Early modern performance studies, including Shakespearean drama ∙ Restoration, including drama and prose ∙ Performance studies, with a particular interest in Practice as Research methodology ∙ Audiences and reception ∙ Women’s writing ∙ Gender studies, particularly queer theory ∙ Disability studies