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Dr Mousumi Chatterjee
Research Fellow (Daphne Jackson Fellowship)


As a biogeochemist I worked to assess environmental risk from heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants in various biotic and abiotic matrices in estuarine wetland ecosystem (e.g., Indian Sunderban). As  a Daphne Jackson Fellow in Brunel University, my focus is on human health risk assessment from environmental exposures during critical period of development (e.g., pregnancy). The main objective of my current study is to perform mixture risk assessment of DNT chemicals responsible for declines in cognitive abilities in children. 

Newest selected publications

Chatterjee, M., Ghosh, P., Ramdas, L. and Chakrabarti, R. (2015) 'Isotopic and geochemical characterization of invader tilapia fishes from water bodies of West Bengal and Karnataka, India'. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 187 (11). pp. 712. ISSN: 0167-6369

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