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Dr Mujib Rahman

Dr Mujib Rahman
Senior Lecturer/UG Course Director - Civil Engineering


Topics currently supported for PhD study

Supervised study to PhD is supported in Brunel University’s well-equipped laboratory facilities, including a purpose built laboratory dedicated to pavement research. This gives home to unique equipment for creating and investigating full-scale asphalt pavement repairs, for example. The laboratory also boasts of its accelerated life, wheel tracking test equipment. Strong links have been built with UK industry to help focus research towards solving real rather than imagined problems. PhD research topics currently offered within our team are:

Pavement Engineering and Asphalt Material

  • Performance enhancement of bitumen and asphalt mixtures
  • Influence of moisture on constituent interaction in fresh asphalt
  • Vehicle induced pore water pressure damage in highway pavement
  • The influence of heating processes on the life of pot hole repairs
  • Automatic crack quantification in highly textured pavement surface
  • Reinstatement of narrow trenches in fibre-optic-cable installation
  • Runway FoD quantification 
  • Ravelling and crack quantification from high speed images. 
  • Low temperature asphalt for airfield.
  • In build sensor for  thermal and environmental properties.
  • Light Weight Deflectometer  ( LWD) for pavement compaction monitoring  
  • Concrete pavement joint evaluation using low cost sensor
  • Deep learning for pavement defect detection and maintenance optimisation
  • Performance of High Friction Surfacing (HFS)

Performance Enhancement of Porous Construction Materials

  • Remote detection of waterproofing defects in bridge deck waterproofing
  • Moisture blocking in the preservation of Heritage structures
  • Surface applied material systems for protection of porous building materials
  • Crystallisation methods for remediation of water ingress in building and structures

 Sustainability and the Environment

  • Exploitation of green and smart materials in the built environment
  • Remediation of Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect by surface applied materials.
  • Strategies for reduction of NOx and other pollution agents in cities.