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Dr Myles Worsley

Dr Myles Worsley
Research Fellow


After my first BSc degree in Chemistry at the University of Surrey (2007) I undertook an MRes (Chemical Sciences; 2010) also at Surrey with particular attention to materials research for a variety of applications, notably the development and synthesis of novel nanomaterials with a view to their potential use in various areas of green chemistry. This was extended with a 6 month period as a KTP researcher working at both Brunel University and the University of Surrey. The position involved the further enhancement of the automotive catalyst technology I developed as part of my MRes degree.

Currently I am studying towards a PhD in nanomaterials at Brunel University. Some of the work extrapolates from my MRes and BSc research, but in addition, I have expanded into several other areas which include; intricate metal oxidestructures (see Figure 1) based on biotemplates for avariety of applications.

(a)   Myles1                (b) Myles 2


Figure 1. TiO2 replicas of fractured pollen and setae on the wings of a mosquito. Scale bars = 500nm.