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Research supervision

PhD Supervision

Dates Name Title
12/13 to 08/17 Numan Celik Graphene ECG sensors for M-Health (sucessfully completed)
03/16 to 09/16 Giovanni Agozzino Non-Thermal Plasma reactors for NOx removal from Marine Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas (successfully completed) (Erasmus exchange program with UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI NAPOLI FEDERICO II, Italy)
03/12 to  9/15 Murtadha Al-Mamury Smart Electrostatic Crop Spraying using Remote Sensing Technology (sucessfully completed)
10/11 to 01/15 Evans Ashigwuike Non-Destructive testing of pipeline Corrosion using EMATS (successfully completed)
12/10 to 06/15 Muhammad Aloughani Renewable Energies Management Strategies and Challenges In the Arabian Gulf States (successfully completed)
12/10 to 01/13 Azad Noor A New Algorithm for Minutiae Extraction and Matching in Fingerprint (successfully completed)
03/09 to 04/12 Shahzad Memon Novel Active Sweat Pores Based Liveness Detection Techniques for Fingerprint (successfully completed)

MSc Supervision

Dates Name Title
04/11 to 09/11 Numan Celik Multimodal Biometric Recognition System at Decision Level Fusion (successfully completed)
04/11 to 09/11 Ahmed Mubeen Performance and Evaluation of Fingerprint and Iris Multimodal Biometric System (successfully completed)
04/11 to 09/11 Ereku Luck Tosan Design Concepts of Microfluidic Disposable Biochip Cartridges for Point-Of-Care DNA Diagnostics (successfully completed)

Other admin

  • esti2, DEECON and MAGS Research project budget management, monitoring and reviewing 2011-2016