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Dr Noel Kinrade

Dr Noel Kinrade
Lecturer in Sport Psychology and Coaching


Noel is a lecturer in Sport Psychology, Coaching and Research Methods and the Pathway Lead for BSc Sports Health and Exercise Sciences (Coaching). After graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2003, he continued his academic career at Brunel and completed his PhD in 2010. The focus of his PhD was the role of dispositional reinvestment on choking during decision-making in sport. Having played and coached in a variety of sports at national level standard, he is still involved in competitive sport; currently playing the emerging sport of Roller Derby.


  • Pathway Lead for BSc Sports Health and Exercise Sciences (Coaching)
  • Penn State Exchange Summer Programme Co-ordinator
  • Study Block Leader (See Teaching Activities)
  • Post Graduate Research Supervisor (See Research)
  • Sports Sciences Courses Commitee Member
  • PhD Internal Examiner
  • Reviewer for European Journal of Sport Science, Human Movement Science, International Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, Journal of Sports Sciences, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, Psychology of Sport and Exercise.
  • Programme Lead, BSc Business and Sports Sciences (Joint Honours) (2008-2011)

Newest selected publications

Kinrade, NP., Jackson, RC. and Ashford, KJ. (2015) 'Reinvestment, task complexity and decision making under pressure in basketball'. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 20. pp. 11 - 19. ISSN: 1469-0292 Open Access Link

Journal article

Laborde, S., Musculus, L., Kalicinski, M., Klämpfl, MK., Kinrade, NP. and Lobinger, BH. (2015) 'Reinvestment: Examining convergent, discriminant, and criterion validity using psychometric and behavioral measures'. Personality and Individual Differences, 78. pp. 77 - 87. ISSN: 0191-8869

Journal article

Laborde, S., Dosseville, F. and Kinrade, NP. (2014) 'Decision-specific reinvestment scale: An exploration of its construct validity, and association with stress and coping appraisals'. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 15 (3). pp. 238 - 246. ISSN: 1469-0292

Journal article

Laborde, S., Raab, M. and Kinrade, NP. (2014) 'Is the ability to keep your mind sharp under pressure reflected in your heart? Evidence for the neurophysiological bases of decision reinvestment'. Biological Psychology, 100 (1). pp. 34 - 42. ISSN: 0301-0511

Journal article

Jackson, RC., Beilock, SL. and Kinrade, NP. (2013) '"Choking" in sport: Research and implications', inDeveloping Sport Expertise: Researchers and Coaches Put Theory Into Practice. pp. 177 - 194. ISBN 13: 9780203119914.

Book chapter
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