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Nura is a PhD researcher in the Modelling and Simulation Research Group in the Department of Computer Science, Brunel University London. He investigates how cloud infrastructures can connect and run (geographically) distributed simulations for large-scale operational systems analysis. He has a varied professional background in the IT industry, which spans over two decades. Before joining Brunel, Nura was a pracademic lecturer in Jigawa State Institute of Information Technology (Informatics Institute) Kazaure, Nigeria. Nura holds a bachelors degree in Computing & Software Engineering from Informatics Academy, Singapore and MSc in Software Engineering from Oxford Brookes University. He was involved in the Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application (COLA), a European HORIZON2020 project, and a developer in the Science Gateways for African researchers project. He currently works in the STAMINA project to improve decision-making technology to pandemic crisis management practitioners at a regional, national and European level. ORCID: 0000-0002-4216-3057