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Dr Oksana Gerwe
Reader in International Marketing & International Business

Eastern Gateway 211


Dr Oksana Gerwe is the MBA Director at Brunel Business School and Reader (Associate Professor) at the Division of Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Oksana is an expert in Strategy and Entrepreneurship with a Ph.D. from IE Business School, Madrid, where she also received an Executive MBA degree.  She spent part of her doctoral training at London Business School at the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. 

Oksana’s teaching and research focus on Competitive and Corporate Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  Her research and intellectual interests range from the sharing economy to peer-to-peer business models to disruptive innovation. One of Oksana’s main goals is that research and teaching are strongly connected and aligned.  “Disruptive innovation and the advancement of the Sharing Economy continue to radically change the world around us and the competitive landscape across multiple industries. I like to use my research to inform the students about these relevant and cutting-edge issues.”  

Oksana’s research has been presented at multiple conferences and institutions around the world.  Her work has been published across a range of academic outlets as well as featured as book chapters and cases studies, receiving several awards and prizes such as the Best Paper Award and the Best Case Award.

Recent general press publications and expert opinion on Covid-19 and the Sharing Economy on the BBC and EIX:

Sharing Apps are Booming but will the Kindness Continue?

The Pandemic's Impact on Digital Platform Businesses

Is the Sharing Economy Over?


LinkedIn page:


Oksana teaches modules on Competitive and Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Knowledge Management and Strategic Management.  She has also delivered several specialised courses on the Sharing Economy, Collaborative Finance and Crowdfunding.

Newest selected publications

Gerwe, O. and Silva, R. (2021) 'Inquiry Into Peer-To-Peer Platforms: Classification Of P2P Platforms And Drivers Of Peer-Supplier Entry'.41st Annual Strategic Management Society Conference. Toronto (Virtual). 18 - 21 September. Proceedings of the 41st Annual Strategic Management Society Conference. pp. 1 - 7.Open Access Link

Conference paper

Gerwe, O. (2021) 'The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Accommodation Sharing Sector: Effects and Prospects for Recovery'. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 167. pp. 1 - 8. ISSN: 0040-1625 Open Access Link

Journal article

Alansari, H., Gerwe, O. and Razzaque, A. (2021) 'Role of Artificial Intelligence During the Covid-19 Era', inStudies in Computational Intelligence. Springer International Publishing. , 974. pp. 157 - 173. ISBN 13: 9783030730567.

Book chapter

Gerwe, O., Silva, R. and De Castro, J. (2020) 'Entry of Providers onto a Sharing Economy Platform: Macro-level Factors and Social Interaction'. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 46 (4). pp. 833 - 856. ISSN: 1042-2587 Open Access Link

Journal article

Gerwe, O. and Silva, R. (2019) 'Going for a ride: entrepreneurial journeys in the on-demand transportation sector: Case study', in Whittington, R., R├ęgner, P., Angwin, D., Johnson, G. and Scholes, K. (eds.) Exploring strategy text and cases. Harlow : Pearson. , 12th edition. pp. 685 - 685. ISBN 10: 1-292-28250-9. ISBN 13: 978-1-292-28245-9.

Book chapter
More publications(20)