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Dr Pouyan Talebizadehsardari
Research Fellow in Energy Systems


Dr Talebizadehsardari current research focuses on the combination of heat pump and heat storage systems to provide hot water and space heating demands. His research direction mainly includes the applications of Thermal Energy storage, renewable energy, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat pumps and nanotechnology. Currently, he is a member of the Editorial board of Heat transfer Engineering Journal and the topic editorial board of Energies. So far, he has published more than 120 ISI papers. He is also among top 2% of scientists worldwide in 2020-2021.


Academic and Professional Qualifications

Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy

PhD (2011 – 2016) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Master of Science (2008 – 2011) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran 

Bachelor of Science (2004-2008) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran

Academic Career

April 2021- now: Research Associate - Brunel University london

September 2017- April 2021: Research Associate - University of Nottingham

September 2016-March 2017: Lecturer - Kerman University of Medical Science

Newest selected publications

Shojaeinasab Chatroudi, I., Atashafrooz, M., Mohammed, HI., Abed, AM. and Talebizadehsardari, P. (2023) 'Heat transfer enhancement and free convection assessment in a double-tube latent heat storage unit equipped with optimally spaced circular fins: Evaluation of the melting process'. Frontiers in Energy Research, 11. ISSN: 2296-598X

Journal article

Hasan, HA., Sherza, JS., Abed, AM., Togun, H., Ben Khedher, N., Sopian, K., et al. (2023) 'Thermal and flow performance analysis of a concentrated linear Fresnel solar collector with transverse ribs'. Frontiers in Chemistry, 10. pp. 1 - 10. ISSN: 2296-2646 Open Access Link

Journal article

Bahlekeh, A., Mohammed, HI., Al-Azzawi, WK., Dulaimi, A., Majdi, HS., Talebizadehsardari, P. and et al. (2022) 'CFD analysis on optimizing the annular fin parameters toward an improved storage response in a triple-tube containment system'. Energy Science and Engineering, 10 (12). pp. 4814 - 4839. ISSN: 2050-0505

Journal article

Bo, L., Mahdi, JM., Rahbari, A., Majdi, HS., Xin, Y., Yaïci, W. and et al. (2022) 'Twisted-fin parametric study to enhance the solidification performance of phase-change material in a shell-and-tube latent heat thermal energy storage system'. Journal of Computational Design and Engineering, 9 (6). pp. 2297 - 2313. ISSN: 2288-4300

Journal article

Khedher, NB., Mahdi, JM., Majdi, HS., Al-Azzawi, WK., Dhahbi, S. and Talebizadehsardari, P. (2022) 'A hybrid solidification enhancement in a latent-heat storage system with nanoparticles, porous foam, and fin-aided foam strips'. Journal of Energy Storage, 56 (Part B). pp. 106070 - 106070. ISSN: 2352-152X

Journal article
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