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Dr Ramin Raeesi

Dr Ramin Raeesi
Research Assistant

Eastern Gateway 202


Ramin has a PhD in Management Science (Operational Research) from Lancaster University Management School. His main area of research revolves around the development of mathematical models and solution algorithms for Combinatorial Optimisation problems that arise in the context of environment friendly transport and logistics networks. He is particularly interested in the vehicle routing problem with environmental considerations, and the exploitation of new technological developments pertinent to the electric vehicles industry in the design of efficient delivery routes for electric commercial vehicles. He is also actively researching the development of more efficient and integrated solutions with environmental considerations for maritime container terminal operations.

Newest selected publications

Raeesi, R. and Zografos, KG. (2019) 'The multi-objective Steiner pollution-routing problem on congested urban road networks'. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 122. pp. 457 - 485. ISSN: 0191-2615 Open Access Link

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