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Professor Ray Hackney

Professor Ray Hackney
Professor - Business Systems

Eastern Gateway 104i

Research area(s)

  • strategic knowledge management
  • business & government process design
  • organisational change & transformation

Research Interests

My core research relates to the management, exploitation and impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs) which enable efficient and effective decision making within a variety of policy contexts, in particular sustainability and change (including a PhD in Innovation and Technology Assessment – Cranfield University, UK). Strategic technology management and innovation has emerged in recent years as one of the fundamental fields within industry, commerce and business schools globally.

I have published extensively in high level journals (JSIS, ISJ, EJIS, IEEE, DSS, etc.) on Information Systems and Technology Management, having secured national and international funding and engaged in many areas of organisational strategy, innovation and change areas associated with the management of complex business systems.

My research interests are currently through work within the international Public Sector but most recently through a substantive investigation into Green ICT. Here, the adoption of a problem-driven approach to the analysis of institutional mechanisms was developed leading to the direct, enabling, and systematic effects of Green ICT in public sector organizations. The importance of this sector is generally overlooked when considering the issue of reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

In the United Kingdom, ICT use in the public sector is responsible for between 35-38% of total ICT-related GHG emissions. The study employed institutional theory as a framework to present the explanatory mechanisms that informed the empirical research. In order to elaborate how these mechanisms bring about direct, enabling, and systematic effects of Green ICT a qualitative field study was conducted in the UK public sector, as the UK’s Greening ICT Strategy is regarded as an international exemplar. The research makes a significant contribution through its mechanism-based explanations of the UK government’s Green ICT strategy implementation, which underpins its efforts to reduce emissions. It also provided insights into how government-led Green ICT-based initiatives can institute wider societal sustainable policy change.

Research group(s)