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Dr Richard Blair
Lecturer in Sport Sciences

Heinz Wolff 271

Research area(s)

  • Coach / Teacher pedagogy
  • Coach / Teacher identity
  • Coach / Teacher knowledge
  • Coach / Teacher and power
  • Coach /  Teacher understanding and interpretation of the relationship between policy and practice

Research Interests

Richard's broad research interest relates to how adults work with children and young people in Physical Education, Youth Sport and Physical Activity settings. He is interested in developing an understanding of how adults interpret their role when working with children and young people to support the development of their physical education.

There is now a far greater range of provision and opportunities for children and young people to take part in organised physical education, youth sport or physical activity. These opportunities are provided by schools, national governoring bodies, professional sports clubs, private companies and volunteer organisations. Therefore it is Richard's view that research into how adults understand their role and how they engage with children and young people, with the aim of suppoting their physical education, has the potential to have significant impact on practice.