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Professor Robert Newbold

Professor Robert Newbold
Honorary Professor - Life Sciences

Research grants and projects

Project details

Substantive externally funded research support secured regularly (as Principal Investigator) from a variety of prestigious funding bodies, since 1980.

Main funding bodies:Cancer Research Campaign (CRC now CRUK), MRC (including NC3Rs), BBSRC, CRC Technology, United Kingdom Coordinating Committee for Cancer Research (UKCCCR), Association for International Cancer Research (AICR), NCRI, US Department of Health, Breast Cancer Campaign (BCC) and, as Coordinator (since 1992) the European Commission Framework FP3, FP4, FP5, FP6 & FP7 (Health, Environment, Quality of Life, EURATOM, & Genomics & Biotechnology for Health, Programmes).

Recent Grants & Contracts (all as Principal Investigator &, for all EC FP grants, Project Coordinator)

MRC (NC3Rs funding stream), 2012-2015: ‘Development of human epithelial cell transformation models for carcinogen screening, employing defined phenotypic endpoints mechanistically representative of rate-limiting events in human carcinogenesis’. £500,000, 36 months.

MRC (NC3Rs funding stream), 2008-2012: Development and validation of mechanisms-based rodent and human in vitro transformation assays for carcinogen screening’. £300,000, 38 months.

BBSRC ‘CASE’ award with Unilever Plc, 2010-2014: ‘Molecular characterization of events underlying morphological transformation (MT) phenotypes induced by genotoxic and non-genotoxic carcinogens in the SHE-MT assay’. £127,000, 48 months.

Breast Cancer Hope PhD Studentship (fully funded) 2011-2014: ‘Molecular characterization of the role of histone modifying genes as targets for telomerase reactivation in human breast cancer development’ . £95,000 – 36 months.

Coordinator: European Commission: Framework 7 Programme. ‘Identification and characterization of novel human telomere-related biomarkers that aid cancer management by improving patient diagnosis, treatment selection, response monitoring and drug development’ (TELOMARKER). EC Collaborative Project 200950; 8 Participating Institutions. €3,000,000 – 36 months, 2008-2011.

Coordinator: European Commission: Framework 6 Programme. Project title: ‘Developing Molecular Medicines for Cancer in the Post-Genome Era’ (MOL CANCER MED); Contract Number: 502943; 14 participating institutions. €4.8 million – 50 months, 2004-2009.

Breast Cancer Campaign (BCC). Molecular and functional characterization of the chromosome-3-linked sequence APRG1 as a novel breast cancer suppressor gene. £140,000. 36 months, 2005-2008.

Coordinator: European Commission: Framework 5 Programme. Three projects for FP5 in the EURATOM (1 project) and Quality of Life & Management of Living Resources (2 projects) Thematic Programmes (8 Partners in each project).

Funded to a total value of €4 million. 1-03-00 to 28-02-04.

  1. Contract Number: QLG1-1999-01341; Title of Project: The role of telomerase in human cancer development and an evaluation of its potential as a therapeutic target (TACIT).
  2. Contract Number: QLK4-1999-01084; Title of Project: Genetic mechanisms involving ultraviolet light in the development of cutaneous malignant melanoma (MAUVE).
  3. Contract Number: FIGH-CT1999-00002; Title of Project: Identification and isolation of susceptibility genes involved in radiation-induced cancer in humans (SUS GENES IN RAD CAR).

Above funded to a total value of €4 million. 42-48months, 2000-2004.

Cancer Research Campaign. 5-year CRC (now CRUK) Programme Grant. Programme Title: Identification and isolation of novel genes involved in sporadic human breast and prostate cancer, and in cutaneous malignant melanoma. £557,000. 60 months, 2000-2005.

Xenova Plc.  Biological assays related to telomerase. Value: £112,028. 2003-2005.

AstraZeneca Plc.  Development and molecular characterization of a cell culture model for human breast cancer. Value: £205,000, 2003-2006.