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 Robin Willson

Robin Willson


  • Departments of Biology & Biochemistry 1973 -1997
  • Head of Department of Biochemistry 1984-1987

On his retirement in 1997, Professor Robin Linhope Willson was awarded the title of Emeritus Professor of the University.

Robin is a physical biochemist interested in science and engineering generally, and in art and design. He has considerable experience in medical research and in science outreach, both in the UK and in Argentina were he presently resides.

Robin joined Brunel in 1973 from the Cancer Research Campaign's Gray Laboratory. With the strong support of the then Vice-Chancellor Stephen Bragg and the then Professor of Industrial Chemistry, Geoffrey Bond, he was instrumental in setting up with the late Professor Trevor Slater, the Brunel Biochemistry Linear Accelerator Radiation facility. He directed this, in addition to teaching and other university duties, until his retirement.

Robin has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Durham and a PhD and DSc from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. In 1998 he was also awarded the title of Honorary Professor by the University of Buenos Aires. Whilst at Brunel he was the principal author of many original scientific papers on the role of free radicals in tissue injury. He gave many invited lectures, organised several international research conferences and was a consultant for a number of pharmaceutical companies. He pioneered the formation of the International Society for Free Radical Research. Together with the late Professor of Government, Maurice Kogan, and Professor Patrick Riley, an external Brunel examiner from University College London, Robin was also a co-founder of the National Conference of University Professors.

Whilst at Brunel, Robin gave many school and lay lectures and media interiews related to medicine, nutrition, radiation and the environment. He was also one of the principal pioneers of the University's use of the world wide web and chaired the first committee meetings overseeing the management and design of the University's webpages.

But in the, perhaps plaintive, words of the former Vice-Chancellor Michael Stirling "it will be for his work with Magic Pennies that Robin might one day be most remembered".

With the enthusiastic support of Professor Heinz Wolff and Tony Anson in the Bioengineering department, the valuable collaboration of Patrick Riley and the skilled help of a Brunel Engineering student Daniel Harris*, Robin organized the launch of the Magic Penny Magnet kit at an exhibition at Brunel in November 1995.

The kit, sponsored by Brunel, the Institute of Physics and the Royal Institution is now into its 4th edition. In the United States 20 years on, it is more popular than ever. A paper describing how magnetic coins and the specially designed magnets can be used in mathematical studies of circle packing was published in the proceedings of the 2015 Bridges Conference on Mathematics and Art, in Baltimore USA. The paper received excellent comments from the peer reviewers. The kit remains hardly known amongst academics and educationalists in the UK.

In Patagonia Argentina, Robin continues working voluntarily with friends in Ciencias y Artes Patagonia on STEM and STEAM projects related to astronomy and exploration. It is hoped that together with "Magic Pennies" they will help to increase awareness of the importance of hands-on experimentation and cooperation in science, engineering and the arts, and the need to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of this beautiful region.

*Daniel Harris (Brunel 1991-1995) is now Associate Director at General Motors in Detroit.


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