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Dr Sanjay Sharma

Dr Sanjay Sharma
Reader - Sociology and Communications

Marie Jahoda 156


My original training was in engineering & computing, though I found the social sciences & humanities to be a better home to academically pursue issues of social change and justice.

I began my career as a field researcher at the University of Sheffield, Adult Continuing Education (1992-4). I then was employed as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (1994-7) while completing my PhD in the School of Education, University of Manchester. My first Lectureship was at Staffordshire University, School of Humanities & Social Sciences (1997-99), and then I moved to the University of East London, School of Cultural & Innovation Studies (1999-2004). I took up my current position in Sociology and Communications at Brunel in September 2004.

twitter: @sanjay_digital


  • PhD Education & Sociology (University of Manchester)
  • MSc Sociology (University of Leeds)
  • PGDip, Race Relations, (Lancaster University)
  • BSc Electronics & Electrical Engineering (UCL, University of London)

Newest selected publications

Murthy, D. and Sharma, S. (2018) 'Visualizing YouTube’s comment space: online hostility as a network phenomena'. New Media and Society, 21 (1). pp. 191 - 213. ISSN: 1461-4448 Open Access Link

Journal article

Sharma, S. and Nijjar, J. (2018) 'The Racialized Surveillant Assemblage: Islam and the fear of Terrorism'. Popular Communication, 16 (1). pp. 72 - 85. ISSN: 1540-5702 Open Access Link

Journal article

Sharma, S. and Brooker, P. (2016) '#notracist: Exploring Racism Denial Talk on Twitter', in Daniels, J., Gregory, K. and McMillan Cottom, T. (eds.) Digital sociologies. Bristol : Policy Press. pp. 459 - 481. ISBN 10: 1447329015. ISBN 13: 978-1-4473-2901-5.

Book chapter

Brooker, P., Barnett, J., Cribbin, T. and Sharma, S. (2016) 'Have we even solved the first 'big data challenge?' Practical issues concerning data collection and visual representation for social media analytics', in Snee, H., Hine, C., Morey, Y., Roberts, S. and Watson, H. (eds.) Digital Methods for Social Science: An Interdisciplinary Guide to Research Innovation. London : Palgrave. pp. 34 - 50. ISBN 13: 9781137453655. Open Access Link

Book chapter

Sharma, S. and Sharma, A. (2015) 'Thinking with darkmatter: Re-routing Race in the Networks of Info-Capitalism', in Cianelli, A. and Ferra, B. (eds.) Postcolonial Matters. Tra gesti politici e scritture poetiche. Naples, Italy : edizioni University Press. pp. 27 - 39. ISBN 13: 978-88-6682-716-0. Open Access Link

Book chapter
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