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Dr Theodosios Papathanasiou

Dr Theodosios Papathanasiou


Theodosios Papathanasiou is lecturer(assistant professor) in Structural Engineering in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Brunel University London. He specialises in Computational Mathematics/Mechanics and in particular the development of Finite Element schemes for Coupled-Field problems. His main research interests are Hydroelasticity and Thermoelasticity. He is the author of more than 20 publications in peer reviewed journals, more than 30 publications in international scientific conferences, and has participated in numerous funded research projects. Dr Papathanasiou has been a Marie Curie Research Fellow (IAPP) in the University of Trento (Italy), where he conducted research on the thermomechanical response of refractory ceramics, the dynamic response of thermoelastic solids and numerical methods for generalised continuum field theories. Dr Papathanasiou is actively involved in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) and the Greek Association for Computational Mechanics (GRACM).

Academic/Professional Career

9/2016 - Lecturer, Division of Civil Engineering, Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, Brunel University London.

5/2016-9/2016 - Research Fellow, ERC advanced grant no. FP7-PEOPLE-IDEAS-ERC-2013-AdG (2014-2019) “Instabilities and nonlocal multiscale modelling of materials”. Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento, Italy.

11/2014-5/2016 - EU IAPP-GA-2013-609758 Marie Curie research fellow/experienced researcher. Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento, Italy.

2011-2014 - Research Associate in NTUA.

  • Collaboration with the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Collaboration with the school of Applied Mathematical and Physical Science


Academic Qualifications

2009 - PhD, National Technical University of Athens, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

2008 - MSc, “Applied Mechanics”, National Technical University of Athens.

2006 - MSc, “Computational Mechanics/Solids”, National Technical University of Athens.

2004 - MEng, Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens

Newest selected publications

Papathanasiou, TK. and Belibassakis, KA. (2018) 'Resonances of enclosed shallow water basins with slender floating elastic bodies'. Journal of Fluids and Structures, 82. pp. 538 - 558. ISSN: 0889-9746

Journal article

Papathanasiou, T., Movchan, AB. and Bigoni, D. (2017) 'Wave reflection and transmission in multiply stented blood vessels'. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 473 (2202). pp. 20170015 - 20170015. ISSN: 1471-2946 Open Access Link

Journal article

Papathanasiou, TK., Gourgiotis, PA. and Dal Corso, F. (2016) 'Finite element simulation of a gradient elastic half-space subjected to thermal shock on the boundary'. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 40 (23-24). pp. 10181 - 10198. ISSN: 0307-904X Open Access Link

Journal article

Karperaki, AE., Belibassakis, KA. and Papathanasiou, TK. (2016) 'Time-domain, shallow-water hydroelastic analysis of VLFS elastically connected to the seabed'. Marine Structures, 48. pp. 33 - 51. ISSN: 0951-8339 Open Access Link

Journal article

Manias, DM., Papathanasiou, TK., Markolefas, SI. and Theotokoglou, EE. (2015) 'Analysis of a gradient-elastic beam on Winkler foundation and applications to nano-structure modelling'. European Journal of Mechanics, A/Solids, 56. pp. 45 - 58. ISSN: 0997-7538

Journal article
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