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Dr Thomas Linehan

Dr Thomas Linehan
Lecturer in History

Marie Jahoda 232

Research area(s)

  • ‘Fringe’ parties, movements and politics in Britain, 1880s -
  • Communist politics and movements
  • Socialist politics and movements
  • Far right politics, movements and ideologies, including antisemitism

Research Interests

My research interests and expertise cover the areas of ‘fringe’ parties, movements and politics in Britain, 1880s – present, particularly the British Communist Party and the British Union of Fascists, though it also includes Britain’s far right movements more generally. My past and current research also focuses on antisemitism and antisemitic movements in Britain, 1880s - 1945, and Islamophobia and Asylophobia in the more recent period. More recently I have sought to shift the main focus of my research towards the study of late Victorian and Edwardian socialism and the history of labour disputes in late eighteenth and nineteenth century Britain.

Member, Isambard Centre for Historical Research

Research project(s) and grant(s)

I recently completed the research and writing up of a project on the post-war British Far Right party, the National Front. The focus of my current research is concerned with the study of the application of ritual, myth, and paradigms of the origins of religion to labour and industrial disputes in modern Britain, c.1780-1914. I also retain a research interest in myth, occultism, mysticism and ritual as applied to the British socialist revival of the 1880s-1910.


  • Brought to completion a book project on the subject of British Socialism and modernism during the period 1880-1914, which was published by Palgrave-MacMillan (2012)
  • Brought to completion an article on the subject of antisemitism, Islamophobia and Asylophobia, published in Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (2012)