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Dr Toshie Imada

Dr Toshie Imada
Lecturer in Psychology

Marie Jahoda 116

PhD projects for research students

Interplay between psychological processes and cultural contexts

Much of the psychological literature is based on the research findings from Western cultures, and we cannot assume that such psychological findings can be generalized to people in non-Western cultures.  By comparing people from different cultural contexts, my research aims to reveal culturally unique psychological tendencies and address the importance of understanding psychological processes in cultural contexts because psychological qualities that are considered as normative, functional, and desirable could vary across cultures.I supervise PhD projects that examine the interplay between individuals’ psychological processes in non-clinical populations and their cultural contexts.  A PhD project I am willing to supervise typically involves a series of cross-cultural studies on cognition, emotion, motivation, and/or behaviours. Studies should be quantitative and may be in correlational and/or experimental designs with combinations of self-report and behavioural data. Studies may examine children to find out the developmental trajectory of culturally unique psychological processes. Studies may also look into certain cultural products and/or cultural practices, which are considered to be strongly associated with specific psychological processes.