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Dr William Young

Dr William Young
Honorary Senior Lecturer - Clinical Sciences

Mary Seacole 3/36

Research area(s)

I am interested in how anxiety influences the way people make decisions and control their movements. In particular, my work related to how these process are influenced by increased age or neurological disease (e.g., parkinson's). My work focusses on developing low-cost diagnostic and training tools that could be used in rehabilitation programmes to both prevent and help people recover from falls. At present, I run the Psychology & Ageing Laboratory in the Department of Clinical Sciences. This facility includes a multidisciplinary team of reseaerchers the develop and evaluate tools that range from simple questionnaires to interactive virtual reality exercise games. 


Dr Helen Bronte-Stewart (Stanford University). Research theme: Evaluating potential benefits of auditory cueing techniques in Parkinson’s disease patients.

Prof. Thomson Wong (University of Hong Kong). Research theme: Exploring ways to apply EEG coherence analyses to the field of ageing and falls prevention.

Dr. Philipp Keune (University of Bayreuth). Research theme: To provide objective measures of FOF-related anxiety in patients with Multiple Sclerosis during assessments of balance.

Prof. Mark Wilson (University of Exeter). Research theme: Utilising analogy learning to overcome freezing of gait in people with Parkinson's.

Dr. John van der Kamp and Dr. Elmar Kal (VU Amsterdam). Research theme: Applying motor learning principles to emerging strategies in neurorehabilitation.


Evaluation of "Exercise Leadership in Community Settings" programme
Funder: Oomph! Wellness
Duration: December 2018 - June 2019

Evaluating the efficacy of community exercise classes organised my Oomph! of maintaining/improving physical and psychological status of older adult participants.

Using analogies to overcome freezing of gait: a first step towards making the first step
Funder: Parkinson's UK
Duration: May 2017 - June 2018

Evaluating a novel form of cueing intended to help people with 'freezing of gait' to safely initiate stepping actions

Validation of the Gait-Specific Attentional Profile questionnaire
Funder: Brunel University London
Duration: July 2016 - February 2018

Validating a new questionnaire developed by W.Young that aims to evaluate various psychological mechanisms associated with both anxiety and falls in older adults

Designing serious games for enhancing physical function and social interactivity in older adults
Funder: Richard Benjamin Memorial Social and Occupational Research Trust
Duration: September 2014 - August 2015
Examining how fear of falling can increase fall-risk in older adults
Funder: The Royal Society
Duration: March 2014 - August 2015